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About Me

reiki master practitioner chicago
Phillip Florczak, RMT

Certified Reiki Master &

Bengston Therapist


My name is Phil Florczak and I am a certified Reiki master with over seven years of healing experience.  My Reiki journey started when after 13 years of playing ice hockey and amateur boxing, I suffered a serious injury.  Like many of you, I spent years of trying everything from medication to meditation; trying to find that "magic bullet" to help me feel better.  A friend suggesed I try Reiki, a holistic therapy thats non-invasive & medication-free. I was so sold by the effectiveness of this energy therapy that I became a practitioner of it!

After receiving my second level Attunement, I began using Reiki healing techniques to help friends and family and in 2012, I started ReikiNRG.

I’m certified in the traditional Usui system of natural healing along with a number of other modalities including the Bengston Energy Healing Method     & Tuning Fork Therapy.  I have helped many, many clients who have benefitted from these holistic therapies.  Call me today so we can discuss which therapy may work best for you!

In addition to my ReikiNRG career, I'm an inventor, apprentice webmaster and hold a patent on an exercise apparatus.  I offer remote treatment, worldwide. 

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