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Reiki Healing Therapy
reiki therapy

Reiki is a holistic, organic and powerful healing technique that replenishes and re-balances Health, Energy & Inner Harmony. Energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands to the client. Reiki clears, purifies and heals the energy (ki), thus allowing the energy to flow in a healthy way.  Our energy system (meridians and chakras) nourishes our organs, muscles, tissues as well as our mental and emotional components.  Healing is very deep.

Clients that benefit from Reiki
  • are looking for a natural, holistic healing approach

  • have recurring pain or injury

  • want to reduce stress & relax

  • strengthen their immune system

  • improve their memory and metabolism

  • replenish their vital energy

Many clients come to Phil for a range of treatment including chronic pain, stress, depression, sleep disorders & chronic colds. He treats clients at two of his Chicago locations and remotely.  In addition to Reiki therapy, Phil is a licensed Bengston Energy Healing Method     therapist and utilizes Tuning Fork therapy in treating his clients. Contact Phil to learn more about which therapy is right for you!

What our clients are saying

“Over the years I have received a number of sessions from Phil. It has always been an enjoyable experience both in person and as a distance healing. I highly recommend him."  - Teri C., Chicago

"Really great experience! It was my first Reiki session ever, so I was needless to say, very tentative. Phil was very professional and walked me through the entire process, making it a seamless, pleasant first experience. Can't wait to schedule another one!" - Dana T., Chicago

"Excellent reiki therapist. He is professional and kind. I was able to completely relax during sessions and would feel great after them (peaceful and a great sense of harmony within).These gains would continue for a few days after treatment... - Natalia R., Chicago

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